My Interest

Pop Art is generally Characterized by imaginative illustrative composition, bright and bold fonts, and colours. It derived its inspiration from Hollywood movies, pop music, comic books, and mass product packaging, incorporating elements from these media into its art form. I am drawn to this period because of its heavy expression through illustration. and comic-inspired drawing.



What I Tried to Achieve with my Design

One common thread I found in my studies of movie posters of that era was that there was an imaginative tale being told by the illustration, deriving its subject matter from the title.
I wanted to be literal in visualizing the “woman king”. conveying blackness and strength as well.
another important decision was in the choice of font and being true to the period by being extra “legible” in the choice of the font size.

With the colour theme, I hoped to convey the mystical strength of the woman, an important figure of a culture shrouded in mystery and mysticism. the magic of being black while still communicating the “fear of the unknown” and bias of the period with the title colour and font.

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