One Spark

  • Duration 6 Weeks
  • Services UX Design
  • Software Adobe Suites Figma

Experiencing inspiring human stories can trigger a powerful and intrinsic motivational force in learners to take action.
Immordino-Yang & Sylvan, 2009.


On October 20th, in the year of Our lord and the Great, Great pandemic, 2020, the military opened fire on innocent unarmed civilians protesting bad governance and police brutality. I was only saved by the simple fact that I got home just one hour before the military arrived.

What ensued was a blood bath and nationwide riots, with more violence and bloodshed. What was reported was a mixed bag of propaganda, understatement (in the case of government-controlled media) or exaggerations. In between were social media-powered fabricated news bites.

This was an experience that drove me to this project.

end-sars Inscription of Nigerian protest slogan.

Problem Discovery

Censorship of the media has silenced important stories that need to be told. Thus, Stories of Impact are not directly equated to honest and unbiased media coverage

Competitive Analysis

With multimedia and independent newsroom being a heated and hot topic, I alongside my partner wanted to explore what apps and websites are currently on the market and how One Spark could stand out and be best positioned to solve the need for credible news as well as be the bridge to which much-needed aids are accessible.


Our World

most immersive overall


Global Oneness Project

Good UI, but lacking on social interactions


Do Something

Good Call-to-action


Learning for Justice

Good Call to Action


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